Somali Medical Association of America to all the participants and appreciate their commitment to improve the health disparity toward immigrant communities in the state.

About the Summit

Somali Health Summit is an annual health conference organized by Somali Medical Association of America and Its primary purpose is to promote the health of East Africa populations during the continuum of their migration, and resettlement by assembling multidisciplinary experts in research, education, advocacy and clinical practice.

The aims of Somali Health Summit are to:

  • Identify, develop and disseminate evidence-based knowledge and practices for the equitable care and support of the East African community, including physical, medical, mental and social wellbeing.
  • Define, formulate, and evaluate research in the community, and foster healthy research collaborations and networking among scholars, service providers, policymakers, and community advocates involved in health. Build capacity for the care of our community taking into account structural competency and culturally appropriate care, including through trainees’ education.
  • Advocate for better health and social outcomes for community through upholding human rights and fair practices. Share knowledge and experience about how COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has disproportionately impacted our populations.

Target Audience

Family Physicians/Primary Care Practitioners, Specialists, Researchers, Nurses, Mental Health Workers, Nurse Practitioners, Allied Health Workers, Policy & Public Health Specialists, Refugees, Students, and other Professionals interested in Immigrant community health



Roble Aden
Executive Director, Somali Medical Association of America

Executive Director of Somali Medical Association of America (SMAA) and the Chairman of Somali Public Health Advisory Committee at MDH. Dr Aden is a physician with 20 years of experience   in immigrants and refugee’s health and public health. He mostly worked abroad with international organizations such as UN. Dr Aden’s special interest include primary care and preventive medicine

Rebekah Pratt
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Assistant professor at University of Minnesota department of family medicine and community health. Her research focuses on addressing the health disparities of the underserved communities. particularly in immigrant and refugee families and communities.  As faculty in the Program in Health Disparities Research (PHDR), she engages in highly collaborative, community based and interdisciplinary studies that bridge academic research with community health needs.

Cuong Q.Pham
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine

Dr. Cuong Pham is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota. He completed his residency training at the University of Minnesota in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Currently he has a mix of clinic at the Community University Health Care Center (CUHCC), which serves the underserved citizens of Minneapolis, and inpatient wards at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. He has had varying cultural experiences working abroad in Vietnam and South Africa. 

Erin Westfall
Director of Osteopathic Education, Mankato Family Medicine Residency

Dr. Westfall is the Associate Director and the Director of Osteopathic Education of the University of Minnesota Mankato Family Medicine Residency She  serves on the American College of Osteopathic Physicians (ACOFP) Committee on Osteopathic Recognition. She is an adjunct assistant professor of family medicine at Mayo Clinic Medical School, and adjunct associate professor at the Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sakhaudiin Mohamud
Director - COVID Response Programs, Wellshare International

Dr. Sakhaudiin Mohamud is the director of COVID Response Programs at WellShare international. He has profound experience in population health, health disparities in immigrant health and healthcare research; with strong track record in epidemiology, biostatistics and evidence-based medicine.

Mohamed Ibrahim
Lead Internal Consultrant, WellShare International

Dr Ibrahim is a foreign trained physician with broad experience in working underserved communities and in resource limited settings.  Mohamed is highly engaged in community at the Greater Mankato area serving  on several committees and local public health boards. He is currently working with WellShare international as Lead Internal Consultant.   

Aisha Galaydh
Contract Manager, Minnesota Department of Health

Aisha Galaydh is the African Immigrant COVID Community Coordinator Contract Manager at Minnesota Department of Health. She has more than five years of experience in community engagement, child development, and psychosocial support.

Nawal Hirsi
Community Engagement Manager, M Health Fairview

Nawal Hirsi has been working in community health for 10 years serving to reduce health disparities in cultural, immigrant and refugee, racial and ethnic populations through diversity, equity and inclusion framework.  She currently works as a Community Engagement Manager in M Health Fairview and manages the Health Commons at Cedar-Riverside.

Yussuf Shafie
Mental Health Professional

Yussuf Shafie MSW, LICSW is a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor ( LADC) with the Board of Behavioral Health and active member of the addiction community. Yussuf is owner of Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, MN, a DHS licensed Substance Abuse Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment Program. He is Board member of the Minnesota Trauma Project and Minnesota Recovery Connection.

Abdullahi Sheikh
Program Manager, ACS

Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh is currently program manager at African Community Services and Instructor at St Mary’s University School of Public Health. He has worked on different capacity with several  organizations around EDHI, Eliminating Health Disparity Initiatives Projects, HIV/AIDS Community Education.

Sahran M. Odowa
Executive Director

Sahra Odowa is the executive director of Advocates for Thriving Communities and also serve as member of Scott County Mental Health Local Advisory Council. Sahra has Master in public health and bachelor of applied science. 

Zuhur Ahmed
Ph.D Candidate

Zuhur Ahmed is working on her Ph.D. in management & organizational leadership. Her research interest is understanding how patients, physicians, and healthcare administrative leaders experience the visit duration. Zuhur has BA in Biology, MBA-Healthcare Management, M.Phil. in Management. 


We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around mingling and socializing.


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Annual Somali Health Summit 2021


Annual Somali Health Summit 2022

Somali Health Summit 2019

The Summit Recognized The Following Heroes for Their Contribution to Improve the Health of Somali Community

Community Service Award -
Dr. Douglas Pryce receiving award from Deputy Minister of Health of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Abdullah
Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Osman Ahmed receiving award from Deputy Minister of Health of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Abdullah

2022 Somali Health Summit: Call for Abstract Submission

Deadline: May 25th, 2022

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